Friday, December 9, 2011

Family trip to the beach

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Lincoln City for some lunch and some family pictures. 

Take us to the beach... There is no better place to be!!!

OH I almost forgot!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

:( it's been far too long.

Chritmas is apon us and I realized I haven't been blogging. I tried a few times and was having issues so i gave it up I guess.

So a quick update- Halloween was a blast we went Trick-or-Treating with our friends Sandie, Mark, and their kids Audrey and Aiden. In the Halloween season we went to the Woodburn Pumpkin festival and the 8th anual Pumpkin Regatta 

And some picture from the Giant pumpkin regatta

Boating in giant Pumpkins!

These pumpkins were huge! the smallest weighed was 546lbs up yo 1287lbs


Trick-or-treating at Bridgeport

all of us!

 The girls love this this Iron work lady! great shop too!
Pumpkin princess!

Tired Girl

yep that one too!

And their Halloween LOOT!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The big move!

Well we've made it, its our dream come true. We've finally made it to Oregon. Justin left us in Idaho on March 5th to get to work, and came back to get us the 18th. The girls and I went a little crazy without daddy around, and we couldn't wait to get to Oregon! Well we love it here already even with all the rain, the month of March it rained everyday in Portland, we got to skip a few of those days, and even when it did rain most days it was only an hour or two. Its stunning out here between neighborhoods is wooded areas and you turn a corner and there are skyscrapers, next to the vinyard!

The girls were actually better behaved then I had expected being cooped up in the car that long!
I made sure they had plenty to do to keep them occupied.

This is what greeted us upon ariving in Tualatin! LOL